Pros and Cons of Watching Anime

Anime is typically a kind of Animation from Japan. They have their own personality and in odd and marvelous ways, it demonstrates that. Anime also has a sense of humor of its own, and a special way of thought. It can be both very intense and serious and simultaneously become the silliest and most insane thing you’ve ever seen. Anime is derivative of manga, which is similar to Western super-hero stories. As a matter of fact, there are even some instances of the two colliding, such as a few years ago, when the Avengers had to take on some titans from Attack on Titan!

This article is meant to help you decide whether anime is worth your time or not, so here’s a list of the pros and cons of watching anime:


They have their own styles of animation.

Original concepts.

Designs and artwork put into every background and scene.

The action and fighting scenes can be more epic than any live action movie.

You will develop a good imagination (you’ll think your life as an action movie).

Sometimes it serves as a “sleeping pills” due to its calming and displaced nature from this world.

You may develop a good attitude, self awareness, self discipline and many more.


Most anime start with only English subtitles. if you want to watch it in English, you’ll have to wait a long time possibly. This can cause you to be seasons behind.

Some of the humor and themes are not for everyone. It can deal with heavy situations that most reality TV shows stray away from as it lowers ratings.

They sometimes have random episodes that have nothing to do with the plot points called “filler episodes”, and it shows flashbacks a lot.

You might get addicted to it like drugs.

And there you have it guys! These are the advantages and disadvantages of watching anime. If you liked this, make sure you check out our other articles, such as one we wrote about the ongoing debate between manga vs anime.

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