Live Action vs Animation

In making a movies or series, both animation and live action have their own advantage and disadvantages. Animation is a form of manipulating objects to act as movable images. Unlike animation, live action includes actors and actresses shooting, as well as sets and costumes to make the video look as intimate and as close to life as possible.

Pros & Cons of animation

  • More visual freedom.
  • Brings a topic to life.
  • It gains the attention of the viewer.
  • Can be fun to watch.
  • Educational games and quizzes allow the visitor to interact and learn.
  • Takes a lot of effort to create even a basic animation.
  • Needs skill in using the animation software such as Flash.
  • Too much animation on a page can be distracting and even annoying – for example too many animated adverts on a page.
  • Can take up a lot of bandwidth, so will take too long to show over a slow internet connection.

Pros & Cons of Live Action

  • You don’t need a particular skillset.
  • Relatable.
  • Highlight a product.
  • Gives you the chance to use brand ambassadors.
  • Creative limitations.
  • Failed takes are harder to redo.
  • A team needs to use advanced gear.
  • Depends on location.

And there you have it guys! What do you think? This article will help you decide whether live action or animation will suit and satisfy you.

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