RAZE Call of Duty Tournament Details

How to Make a Lobby

If you’re asked to create a lobby please follow this guide:

  1. Go into Call of Duty
  2. Go to Multiplayer
  3. At the bottom of the list, click “PRIVATE MATCH, TRIALS, & GAMEBATTLES”
  4. Click “CUSTOM GAMES”
  5. Change Mode to GUNFIGHT. In Game Rules, change Time Limit to 1 Minute, change Round Win Limit to 5 Rounds. On the TEAM Tab, change Killcam to Disabled.
  6. Depending on what round of the brackets you are on, change the map accordingly.
  • Round 1: KING
  • Round 2: BAZAAR
  • Round 3: RUST


  • Round 1: GULAG SHOWERS

Good luck out there!

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