Tinkered Tower Presented by Tinker’s Caravan

Tinkered Tower is a 4-in-1 Dice Tower for all your TTRPG needs

edit: Our Kickstarter has been Approved! We launched it! Check out the launch page now!

Behold the Tinkered Tower

It’s sexy, right?

Of course it is and it gets better.

The Tinkered Tower can store anywhere from 10-14 RPG Dice sets in it.

It has a Dice Jail for all of those Critical Failures, that inevitably ruin your master plan.

Its Tower makes rolling easy, and the Dice Catch helps so you aren’t chasing stray dice across the table.

It even has a wonderous place for your favorite dice at the top of the tower to roll for glory!

Tinkered Tower Benefits

  • Has multiple ways to store dice
  • Dice Jail
  • Dice Tower includes indent underneath to carry 20-28 dice
  • Prime Position at top of tower for your favorite dice
  • Awesome, Innovative Design (of course)


Despite its awesome design, we need your help to get it off the ground and on your table.

We are in the process of having a Kickstarter page set up and even if you only pledge one dollar, every bit helps.

We have gained quite a bit of traction with this and to keep up with the demand, our infrastructure needs a little bit of love.

On our Kickstarter, you will have TWO primary options;

  • Donate less than $45 ad have your donation be matched with a Dollar for Dollar discount coupon with our other products
  • Spend $45 or more (depending on backing tier) and have one of these bad boys pre-ordered!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find this awesome tower?

You can find it on our website! Follow this link to check out the product page.

We also have a Kickstarter going for it so if you want more details about its design check it out there!

What is the product made of?

We use reinforced polylactic acid to ensure a stable and sturdy structure.

How easy is it to break?

(Insert video of us trying to break it)

Is there different colors available?

We offer this Tinkered Tower in marble and wood coloring.

Does it come with any dice?

No it doesn’t come with any dice but if you think it should email us at [email protected]

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