You got Saint! Here’s an overview of Saint’s Kit.


With the ability to revive teammates anywhere on the map, Saint is one of the few current dedicated healers in the game. With the drone active, Saint is even able to have his drone revive someone while he protects them and makes sure no one challenges the revival. Additionally, he has one of the two FPS ARs in game with his scope. Saint’s Kit even allows his drone to use Helping Hand!


If you play Saint to revive, but still can’t shoot, you’re not going to do well with him. Part of Saint is the ability to hold positions and keep enemies from getting close to his allies. Saint also has a bad mid to short-range kit, unless you previously deployed his claymore (which is huge, for the record). 

Primary Weapons: AR (FPS) / Burst AR 

Pistol: Regular Pistol 

Melee Weapon: Throwing Axe 

Gadgets: Smoke Grenade & Trip Mine (Claymore) 


Medical Expertise 

Reviving a teammate heals both of you for a significant amount. 


Revive drone 

Send a Medical Drone to revive a downed friendly anywhere on the battlefield. 


  • Evade 

After being damaged, increases movement speed for a short duration. 

  • Cloaked

Become immune to being revealed by enemies. 

  • Helping Hand

Revive teammates faster 

  • Bounce Back 

Reduce your health regeneration delay. 

  • Headstrong

Gain an additional 25 armor. 

  • Tracker Rounds 

Damaging an enemy with a firearm will reveal them to your team. 

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