7 Legit Reasons You Should Consider Downloading Opera’s New Gaming Browser

First and foremost, yes, Opera came out with a new browser – but don’t click away yet.  

It’s 100% a browser made for GAMERS. I can’t think of anything that was remotely similar to this concept since Comodo came out with their browser about a decade ago.  

Look, if you’re here, you probably just want the highlights. Here’s why you should consider Opera’s New Gaming Internet Browser: 

  • RAM / CPU Caps 

I’m not joking when I say it’s meant for gamers. If you’re a PC gamer that hasn’t invested over two thousand dollars into a PC gaming build, then you probably have issues when you have chrome open in the background to watch a TV show, stream some anime, or whatever you do with the browser open (no judgements). This browser allows you to set soft caps and hard caps so you don’t have to worry about things like Chrome taking up half of your RAM, data, or CPU for virtually no reasons.  

  • Hot Tabs Killer 

To continue on the last point, Operas gaming browser have what they call a Hot Tabs Killer. With it, you can see just how much RAM each tab is taking up, and close it with one click so it doesn’t keep sapping power. 

  • Network Limiter 
Opera's Gaming Browser Format

I’m not joking – this browser was made for PC gamers. If you want to upload something in the background while you game, you can now do it while capping how much data it uses so it doesn’t slow down your game.  

  • Discord & Twitch Intergration 
Opera's Discord Intergration

That’s all we have to say on this. It’s amazing. Check it out here

  • Video Pop-Out 
Opera's Video Pop-Up Setting

What’s this? It’s a new feature that allows ANY video to be popped out of the tab and kept front-and-center over other tabs and applications. Want to work but also have a TV show in a corner while you do it? Now you can. Simply hover over any video and click “Detach Video” and you can have it in a box over most applications. It works on major streamers such as FUNimation & Hulu. It’s lifesaving if you don’t have a dual monitor, and frees up a monitor if you do. d

  • Free Built-In VPN & Ad-Blocker 
Opera's Free VPN

They thought of it all, truly. Easy toggle on and toggle off, feel free to use this to browse the web literally however you want. 

  • Design 
Operas Gaming Homepage

The design might be trivial to some, but this one definitely looks and feels innovative. Every window seems to be bigger, all the icons have a place and a purpose, and you can alter the primary and secondary colors with ease. 

Without a fact, there are numerous other reasons to download this and you can see them on their website here.

Want to download it already? Click here or go to https://www.opera.com/gx

For the record, we don’t get anything for writing this. This is merely a completely unbiased individual writing to get the news out about this new browser. 

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