How to Fix Input Lag in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memories

If you have stumbled across here, you either want to know more about the issue people are having, or you’re annoyed with the input lag in Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memories. Either way, look no further. We have both of them right on below.

What’s the Issue?

This new Kingdom Hearts game plays pretty well… usually.

The issue with some users are experiencing, however, is that when you hit the attack button when the lines line-up, sometimes it’s either too early or too late. If you actually are trying to hit it on beat, you’ll be off, which will cause you to have a headache (if you’re anything like me) from trying to hit it on beat and when the lines line up.

The lag can be anything between refresh rate from your TV/monitor, a bad HDMI cord, using a splitter, or a bad connection from controller to console. Regardless of what the issue is, let us help you find an easy, in-game solution.

How to Fix the Input Lag

This issue can easily be fixed in-game. What you’ll want to do, is launch the game and go to the home menu.

Scroll down to CONGIF, select MUSIC STAGE SETTINGS, and then look at the BGM Counter. The BGM counter is essentially the timing the game gives you the enemies & triggers. By putting the number from 0 to a negative number, you will move the enemies back. Use this when you know you’re hitting it on the beat, but by the time you hit it, the enemies already attacked you.

By putting the number to a positive number, you will move the enemies forward. Use this when you’re hitting it on the beat but the line still not inside the circle by then.

Play with these settings a bit on various songs on a low difficulty. The reason is that if you play the same song over-and-over again, you’ll memorize when to hit it instead of reacting to the circles like you should be.

If this doesn’t fix your issue, try resetting your console; disconnect & reconnect your controller, or take the HDMI plug out of your HDMI splitter (if you’re using one) and plug it in directly.

If anything here helped you, let us know in the comments!

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