7 of the Most Useful Anime Cosplay Items Under $50

Cosplay is a way for individuals to show off their love for nerd culture. Whether they be professional cosplayers, or merely casual, cosplay is a community where all are welcome. However, it can tend to be quite expensive; click here to see the most expensive cosplays in the 2014 New York Comic Con! How are people expected to get into such a great past-time when it can be so expensive? To help you out, we’ve constructed a list of some of the most useful cosplay items you could possible have in your wardrobe.

(NOTE: To get a very accurate cosplay, it would require one of these items + a wig).

1. Akatsuki Robes (Naruto)

To begin, this robe allows you to be a variety of different characters from the Naruto universe, specifically an organization called the Akatsuki, which featured Sauske’s brother, Itatchi. Not only are you able to cosplay as canon characters such as Itachi, Pain, Kisame, and so forth, but it opens up the potential to have non-canon cosplays that lets you get creative! (Hello, Jiraiya Akatsuki cosplay anyone?) Not to mention, Naruto is ranked as one of the most famous and well-known anime and manga series of all time.

If you want to add a ring to it for authenticity or simply day to day use, check out our Akatsuki Rings here on Tinker’s Caravan!

2. Black Clover Robes (Black Clover)

Black Clover is posed to be one of the next BIG 3 for anime lovers in the 2020’s. By using these cloaks, you’re able to cosplay as any of the most infamous Black Bulls in the Black Clover universe!

3. Fire Force Cloaks

In Fire Force, most the characters are in some type of Fire Force station, so this cosplay is sure to be useful for a variety of different cosplays.

4. My Hero Academy Uniform

Any student that attends UA in My Hero Academia is sure to have at least ONE of these uniforms on deck.

5. Soul Reaper Uniform (BLEACH)

Literally almost every character in the Soul Society wear these. You can be almost any single Shinigami that you want to be with this alone!

6. Attack on Titan Jacket

Grab one of these, put on a white undershirt on-top of some tight jeans and BAM! You have yourself a titan fighter!

7. Giant Inflatable Pikachu

To finish, this one might not be multi-faceted like the other ones on this list, but you can definitely use it for a variety of awesome cosplay events and be the hype of the party! (Note, sadly it is over $50)

Do you have any more tips? Sound off in the comments below!

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