Everything You Need To Know About FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER (Tips & Tricks)


FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER is a great game, to be honest. It’s in early alpha testing as of today (06/01/2021), so of course there are going to be tweaks to it (such as the ranked mode addition to it, which makes it a viable candidate for esports), but even as it currently is, it’s still a very fun game. In order to understand how to win, you need to understand the game itself.


In this article, we’ll be going over all the unique aspects of the game, the core mechanics, and drop points.

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As everyone knows, just reskinning a game isn’t good enough. Had Square Enix & Atem Inc. simply made a generic battle royale with a Final Fantasy map & some skins, it wouldn’t last very long or be very good. Any great game needs a form of innovation and when you’re creating for an already existing brand, a firm understanding of the lore is necessary (especially since this game is canon to the series, serving as a prequel to Final Fantasy VII, with the winner of the battle royale then becoming the “First Soldier” [get it?]).

This game captures the essence of the Final Fantasy franchise very well. The map of Midgard offers various locations to land in, gives you the option of utilizing all the spells you know and love (Aero, Cure, & Blizzard, anyone?), and even lets you ride chocobos as vehicles (if you can find one). We’ll break down everything that makes the game unique right here for you:

Players: To start off simply, this game only allows for 75 players in the game at once.

Spells: The spells in this game are orbs that you can pick up off the floor. If you find multiple of the same kind, you can automatically put them together to increase the level of the spell which in turn increases both the MP cost & the damage.

Vehicles: Not battle royale games offer vehicles in them. Even if they do, they definitely don’t let you jump around the map in them. Here though, you can do so by piloting a chocobo. They also have a sort of buggy for a team if you’d prefer, but come on. Who doesn’t want a chocobo?

Natural Enemies: There are various types of enemies around Midgar; most of them are hardly any type of threat, but some of them such as the dragon and sentient fireball that uses HUGE fireballs for auto-attacks, are things that can kill you in simply one or two hits and you almost can NEVER take on alone in solos. Keep this in mind; it might take a clip of a heavy LMG to take down a dragon from a distance, but then you’ve let everyone around you know where you are.

Automatic Everything: Don’t get me wrong, not all the guns are automatic, but most of the game is. If you don’t adjust your settings, then opening doors will occur just by facing them. Shooting enemies will occur just by having them in your crosshairs (sometimes, even when they’re behind walls and you can’t see them). Picking up guns, ammo, and materia is automatic (if you have space for it). This is a super cool and fun feature… until you’re trying to strafe while in a fire-fight but your character jumps off a ledge because it automatically climbed over. Keep these things in mind while you’re running around the map.

Level Up!: At the start of every game, everyone starts off at level one. The more enemies you kill, whether it be human players or environmental creatures, gets you more experience points (XP). This levels you up and makes you stronger, gives you more XP, gets you more mana slots, and more! This encourages players to go out and fight more than camp as even if you get far, the person who has done more in the game will succeed in the end.

Get to the Choppa!: This game doesn’t have a drop path. You are given your own helicopter at the beginning with your team (if you’re in squads). One person will control the chopper’s height and direction so you can really go where you want to drop at. Just make sure you leave before the minute is up and you’ll have a good landing! You cannot glide very much (or at all sometimes), so make sure to use the chopper wisely.

Styles: Each style offers unique attributes such as the Warrior & Monk style having weapons, the Ranger style has a great recon skills, & the Sorcerer style inherently increases your MP gage, adding a boost to your Fire/Blizzard/Thunder spells, while adding a skill to regen MP.

For more information about combat styles & skills, please reference the next section.

What to Know About the Combat Styles

In FIRST SOLDIER, there are numerous unique aspects of the game you need to understand. For instance, there are four unique classes, Warrior, Sorcerer, Monk, & Ranger. Each one offers unique abilities (as you level up each class, you gain more exclusive skills that benefit your specific class). If you’re playing solo, then you don’t need to worry about a team comp; focus on what you generally prefer as a playstyle. Here are some tips as to what each class offers:

Warrior: The warrior class is one of two classes that start off with a physical weapon (sword). Additionally, as you level it up, you get the ability to change out your “Rush” attach with a boost that increases melee range, melee damage, and decreases incoming damage. If you’re landing in a hot-drop (like Corneo’s Mansion or Entertainment District), then this is the best choice for you, even if you’re with a squad.

Sorcerer: This class is a great support class. It also helps that it’s the only other class that starts you off with a weapon (staff). The spells in this game are currently pretty hard to hit/aim, so by giving yourself a bigger MP gage & starting any Fire/Blizzard/Thunder Materia a level higher, you’re equipping your team with a higher chance to employ shock-and-awe on your enemies.

Monk: Insert Information

Ranger: The ranger is easily the best class for campers or solo players. This allows      

What to Know About MIDGAR

The map is a good map, to be honest. You don’t need to worry about things such as OUT OF BOUNDS or being up on the wrong place. In the rare cases where the game won’t let you climb onto something, it will show you with a red DON’T sign on your crosshairs.

This is incredibly rare though. The more important thing to learn about, are where are the hot-drops? Whether you want to land in a crowded location for some kills or if you specifically want to stay away, get some loot, and then rotate into it, you definitely need to know where the hot-drop locations are.

Currently, after a day of playing this game, I can safely say the two biggest hot-drop spots are Corneo’s Mansion and Entertainment District. This is due to the fact that there are numerous buildings around with many floors, various locations to get cover from, and the decency of the loot. Also, something to take note of is the lack of any of the previously mentioned dangerous environmental creatures. Unless someone summons a creature for their team (which is not common at all), you won’t have to worry about a creature third-partying your fight. Just a ton of other teams to fight against.

Midgar Map

How to Level Up Quickly

Leveling up comes from 6 different factors:

  1. Time spent alive (Survived)
  2. Ranking (Placement)
  3. Kills 
  4. Headshot Kills
  5. Chests Opened
  6. Played with Friend (Any friends in party)

Here is the easiest strategy to get XP in First Soldier:

First, you’ll want to take your helicopter and land in one of the corners of the map (Colosseum, Verdant House, etc.) where not many people land, but there are still buildings. Once you do this, grab a few weapons & a cure materia if you can. Your goal isn’t to fight players until the end if you can help it. What you need to do now is run through the buildings now and look for chests while killing creatures. It may be best to be ranger so that you can find the enemies and engage/disengage accordingly. If you have a heavy LMG, you can even take down a Drake if you scope in far enough away and control the recoil a bit. This strategy will give you easy XP by finding and opening chests, you’ll stay alive and get that XP, & by getting creature kills you’ll remain relevant in the end game still (just make sure you use your gil to level up your weapons and get potions when need be. 

How to Get In-Game Currency & Buy Items in the Shop

Shop Menu

Pictured above is the Speciality Shop aka the place where most free-to-play games make their money. However, this isn’t shoving it down your throat in any way. You can actually, as of right now, get free Gil to purchase everything you see here! In order to do so, you’ll need to go to the Main Menu (seen below) and look at the top right corner for your missions. Completing these, as well as placing well and doing well in your matches, will give you in-game currency to buy what you see.

Main Menu

How to Get Pieces for the Piece Exchange

Piece Exchange

Seen above is the Piece Exchange! The piece exchange has cool things for you to unlock while playing the game. To do so, you need to open up CHESTS in the game (not crates, CHESTS), and hopefully you’ll see something called a secret box. This box will give you a piece of each of these right now. The secret boxes are not easy to come by, so many sure you drop by somewhere secluded with many buildings and use your in-game sound compass to find he chestt. 

That’s everything we have so far regarding Final Fantasy VII First Soldier. If you would like more information, visit the fandom wiki linked earlier! Make sure to stay updated by joining our mailing list or following @Tink3rsCaravan on TikTok, Twitter, & Instagram!

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