Here’s How to Read Bleach’s 20th Anniversary Chapter Online For Free

Here’s How to Read Bleach’s 20th Anniversary Chapter Online For Free

Here’s the link to read it:

There you go. Come back after you finish reading.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you’ve been hyped about this one-shot given to us and about the new season of Bleach coming out in what is now early 2022. But what I don’t think any of us expected is that the final page of this chapter announces what we’ve been dreaming of—a continuation of Bleach, 12 years after the events of the Thousand Year Blood War (aka the Great War).

If you want to know what happened in the chapter but didn’t want to read it, we have you covered. Spoiler Alert here because I’m literally recapping the entire chapter.

We start off meeting Ichigo’s kid in the world of the living. It becomes evident early on that he is like Ichigo was, but a lot more interactive with the spirit world (and a major rapscallion). Additionally, we flash over to Rukia & Renji’s daughter (yes, by the 10th page there is already an allusion to romantic interest between the two kiddos) training with none other than the baldie lieutenant we all know and love.

After this, Ichigo gets a phone call from Renji describing a sanctimonious ceremony that is held twelve years after any captain dies (RIP you gorgeous dual-wielding captain). You must bring a hollow to the gravesite of the captain and kill it in front of the grave. This is said to be due to an old maid’s tale about bad things happening due to the spirit-level raiti in a captain.

The plan is to have all the captains at the grave in the spirit world, and all the assistant captains go to the world of the living to capture a hollow alive. Plot twist—Renji’s daughter overhears this and takes it as an invite to sneak over to the world of the living to see her boyfrie—I MEAN ICHIGO’S SON.

While all the Shinigami are chit-chatting, she sees circles behind them forming that it doesn’t seem like anyone else can see. She calls out to her dad right before he gets hit, but she’s too late and some assistant captains are hit by these hollows who are able to hide their spirit pressure.
After this, an incredibly strong being comes out of seemingly no where to monologue and explain that Hell is real, it exists alongside the Soul Society, and ends it with “Why do you think the butterflies have the word ‘HELL’ in its name?” By Ichigo going ham in the blink of an eye, he slaughters the hollows with ease, and a door to hell opens, stabbing this dead-man and dragging him back to whence he belongs.

This chapter ends with the title of a new arc: HOWL FROM THE JAWS OF HELL.

Yes, you read that right. A new arc. This can only mean one thing.

Ichigo is back.

Bleach is back.

And it’s here to kick Boruto’s pants off.

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