Why Anime Being Represented in the Olympics is A Good Sign

               Many people were shocked that the 2020 Olympics were pushed back a year as not even the World Wars prevented the Olympics from running in the 20th century. However, due to the location being Japan, many individuals felt it fitting to recreate various anime poses & represent their favorite anime such as Dragon Ball, Attack on Titan, One Piece, and more.

               Not many people have thought about how these athletes & reporters wearing cosplay or doing poses affect the nerd community. The answer is simply this is a great thing. For the longest time, being a nerd of any kind was enough to have people degrade you for belonging to any fandom whether it be a TV show, movies series, or video game. Many people were very often ostracized due to what they watch & their potential obsession. These individuals, for the first time ever, have gathered up and decidedly shown that they are in support (and often actually IN) these anime communities.

               They are openly displaying that watching anime doesn’t define you, but it can be a part of who you are. These Olympians have notably prepared relentlessly (sometimes since birth) to have the ability to one day be in the Olympics, so their time is very well maintained in intense training regimens, daily routines, and various other rigid methodologies to be a part of these elite individuals. The fact that they have watched anime to the point where they want to represent their fandom on national news and in front of the world should strike a chord with all of us in these fandoms.

               Not only is your country being put on display, but your shows are as well. The Dragon Ball fans have been ecstatic over the number of athletes replicating the show’s legendary Kamehameha pose. The One Piece fans took notice of this particular person’s Franky pose. Even the opening music was a compilation of anime theme songs and OSTs (shout out to Square Enix for many of these, including Kingdom Hearts’ Olympus theme [which was amazingly fitting by the way]) which is just one of the many ways Japan has shown their respect for the anime & gaming industry that is insanely prevalent in their country.

               Japan had a rare chance to show the world their country, and it has been my favorite Olympics ever. Not simply due to the sheer amount of nerd culture there, but due to the fact Japan successfully showed the world their people and culture in very fitting ways.

               The world is evolving to be ever more inclusive and I’m glad that the nerd industry has not been forgotten in this endeavor.

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