About Us

This shop is run almost exclusively by nerds. We love to do nothing better than to play some Borderlands 2 and hang out. 

But when that creative bug hit we decided to take some of our ideas online. Make a little money off it so we could continue playing around online. 

That being said though we love sharing our work and passions with the rest of the world. 

You can even follow our streaming community or become a sponsor to support our work and even have some say in the matter.

A majority of our content all comes from our own interests and things we love to read and watch. 

If you want to know who contributed to what check out our Employees Page

After all my favorite moment in anime has been the aftermath of the fight with Moria and Kuma. Zoro standing there being so awesome when Sanji found him the next day. (Obviously can’t reveal any spoilers.)

We are only starting out right now, so if you don’t see anything you like right now. Check back on us in a week or two we are constantly putting new products up.