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AirPotato Captain Marvel


AirPotatoCosplay Instagram About : AirPotatoCosplay is based in Central Florida. She has been cosplaying for over three years and has partnered with Tinker’s Caravan in

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Rouge Company Rouges

Here is a list of current rogues in Rouge Company. Click on them to discover Rouge Company rouges and their abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and more!

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Live Action vs Anime Attack on Titan

Live Action vs Animation

In making a movies or series, both animation and live action have their own advantage and disadvantages. Animation is a form of manipulating objects to

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Anime vs Manga Bakugo

Manga vs Anime

We are also asked at Japan Craft what is the distinction between manga and anime. Although both are similarly important to Japanese culture and entertainment, the

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Ghost of Tsushima Review

Feudal Japan is a period rarely explored in games, especially in the triple-A space. Playing as asamurai, trained in the ancient art of sword combat,

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Tink3r Interviews: Katkwo !

Today’s interview features a fairly prominent professional coslayer, KatKwo! KatKwo is a US based cosplayer that can be found on Facebook and Instagram as @Katkwo4.

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Become a M3RCHANT!

Do you want to be the most successful cosplayer you can be? Would you like to partner with multiple businesses and be managed by a

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