Axel's Chakrams [ Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII ] | Lea's Chakrams Cosplay Prop (Set of 2)




Axel’s Chakrams from Kingdom Hearts 2 (Set of 2)

If you want to channel the fiery temperament of Organization XIII member Axel, you’ll need to use his Eternal Flame Chakrams. Inspired by the chakrams from Kingdom Hearts, a popular video game series.

Even if you’re not using the Axel Eternal Flame Chakrams as part of a cosplay, they make a unique house decoration.

☸️These are highly detailed replica pieces.
☸️Durable, and surprisingly lightweight
☸️Making them ideal for use in Axel cosplays or as great wall decorations

Make sure to get these chakrams for any Kingdom Hearts enthusiast looking for a one-of-a-kind gift.


Build-A-Prop: The Parts bundle only gives you the necessary pieces. It does not include the glue, wood filler, or copper tube that is required to fully make this.

Printed Color: This is an assembled cosplay item. It is 3D printed with layer lines, but is printed in the accurate colors. This is great for cosplay & photoshoots as well as gifts. CHAKRAMS ONLY — All red will be painted on with acrylic paint.

Additional information

Kit or Premade ?

Build-A-Prop, Cosplay Ready


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