Fenrir Keyblade Life-sized Replica


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Fenrir Keyblade


You could grab a boring, foam keyblade from some reseller that won’t last a year, or you can grab our Fenrir Keyblade Life-sized Replica and keep it for the rest of your life.

-Unlock adventure with this stunning Fenrir Keyblade replica sword!
-Safe PLA material construction.
-Length is as game accurate as possible.
-Item is a replica not meant for fighting. Use for LARP or costume accessory for cosplay only
-The look of this Fenrir Keyblade is different from all different Keyblades as it is based off of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII who is also in the Kingdom Hearts series.
-Available for parts only, parts with kit, and fully finished kit. Read below for more details on each bundle available.

This is the latest Kingdom Hearts Keyblade called Fenrir Keyblade.
Fenrir Keyblade, unlike all the other Keyblades, takes on the aspects of a pin tumbler lock key, induced with fine bandages that praise the base of the blade. It features a non-sharpen, decorative blade that is made with high-quality PLA material that is forged to perfection.


Grab your Fenrir Keyblade replica today!



Parts: The Parts bundle only gives you the necessary pieces. It does not include the glue, wood filler, or copper tube that is required to fully make this.
Parts with Kit: Parts come with all the necessary tools other than the paint.
Fully Finished: This is the Keyblade that is great straight out-of-the-box! This option requires no assembly at all.

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Kit or Fully Finished?

Build-A-Key, Fully Finished


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