Ichigo's Sword (First Form) | 3D Printed Cosplay Prop | Zangetsu |


Ichigo’s Sword (First Form) | 3D Printed Cosplay Prop | Zangetsu |

Instead of a conventional katana, this Shikai variant of Zangetsu resembles an enormous khyber knife. It doesn’t have a tsuba or a proper hilt. The cloth-wrapped tang is what Ichigo possesses.

The sword has a black blade with a silver edge and is roughly the same height as Ichigo. The tang’s fabric wrapping appears to respond to Ichigo’s desire, altering length on the heat of the moment or twining around the blade in an improvised sheath.

When the fabric is needed in fight, it slips away and shrinks back to a reasonable size. The fabric may be used to swing the weapon like a flail and fling it at opponents in mid-range combat, as well as to heal wounds, however this is only done on rare occasions.

Ichigo has used Zangetsu’s broad blade as a shield against incoming assaults and to deflect energy attacks on several occasions. Unlike other Zanpakut, Zangetsu can never be sealed into its original form. Because of Ichigo’s immense yet uncontrollable spiritual force upon generation, Yoruichi Shihin has remarked that his Zanpakut is a full-time released form type, meaning that it is merely a type of Zanpakut that, without appropriate control of his spiritual energy, remains in Shikai form once in such condition.

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