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This is a 3D printed product. We 3D print them and either pack them or assemble them and ship them off to their buyers. We do not intend these to be used for any real life combat situations or keyblade wars. Please keep out of extreme tempatures or locked in your car for a long time if it’s hot outside.

The Heart Keyblade features a basic red and black design, similar to the Kingdom Key, with its teeth creating the shape of a heart. Despite being made of pure light hearts, it has a fairly dark design. This Keyblade is incomplete without Kairi’s heart, and it has never been seen at full power. It also lacks the Keychain that came with each Keyblade.

The Keyblade of Heart, also known as Riku’s Keyblade or Dark Riku’s Keyblade, is a Keyblade created by Ansem, Seeker of Darkness from the hearts of the Princesses of Heart, with the exception of Kairi. This Keyblade, like Sora’s Keyblade, has the capacity to open a person’s heart, releasing the evil within. Its name, if it has one, is currently unknown; just its kind has been mentioned.

“Keyblades of heart” are one of three varieties of “Keyblades of Worlds’ Hearts,” alongside “Keyblades of darkness” (which only King Mickey uses) and “Keyblades of light” (which all other Keyblade wielders use). Keyblades of heart, unlike the Keyblades of light and darkness, did not exist until the Realms were transformed by the Keyblade War. As a result of this change, it was no longer possible to enter Kingdom Hearts without utilizing a Heart Keyblade, which could only be obtained by gathering seven pure light hearts.

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