As a Sponsor you gain access to exclusive content and deals!

Not only that you become an integral part of this company. Your contributions would give you a voice above all others to see some amazing products created. 

Which means we would give you access to put in some creative input on our upcoming products. 

We have two different options for sponsors:

Tinker's Sponsor

Jump Force Official Sponsor

This grants you access to:

– Exclusive coupons and deals that can only be used by sponsors.

– First pick of pre-order items.

– Your name on your favorite item you see.

– A limited edition key chain/necklace every month you are an active sponsor!

We have multiple options with varied access that you can read about HERE, however, every JFO sponsor gets:

– Their name / Instagram username on our monthly sponsor blast.

– Access to sponsor exclusive giveaways.

– Coupons for JFO related merch.

– MUCH more!!

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